The 4D component MaPagenda: a complete toolbox

The API:

  • Display_InsideSubform: to send a JSON selection to the map
  • Geo_getDistance: Read the distance between 2 addresses
  • Geo_getCoords: read the GPS coordinates including altitude of an address
  • Version_get: read component version
  • Path_Get: to read the path to the preferences file
  • DBZ_Prefs: opens the preferences window
  • Listbox_toText: The listbox is returned in a text variable like Excel
  • Listbox_toObject: The listbox is returned in a 4D object or a text variable in JSON
  • Callback: set, get, clear to set the callback method, read its name, clear the method

A callback method and its selectors:

  • MapAction: A marker on the map is added or moved
  • ID_Changed: Click on an appointment in the listbox or on the map
  • Coords_Changed: MaPagenda updated contact information
  • SubTotal_changed: mileage and duration totals have been recalculated