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Month: May 2017

Travel by postal code

As long as there is nothing better, we organise the travelling people by ZIP-code. In Germany the first 2 numbers are easy to use and work well, dividing the country into some 100 regions.

If your salespeople are more local, the zip-code is of no use anymore. People who know their region well, organise their routes without really thinking about. Does someone in the office the appointments, I better rely on technical help.

This is a tour crossing Augsburg, Bavaria.

Here a different region. Obviously not the best route, when sortet by zip and alphabet,

This is the same selection optimised for shortest distances:

And this shows the same travel on real roads:


My map is different

Some 4D-applications are very specific. A linguistic-professor asked, to show the german dialects of southern Hungaria (schwäbische Türkei) on a map und being able to dig deeper from the map. His map is different.

He solved the problem with MaPagenda, plugged into his 4D-app with some help from us.

German dialects in southern Hungaria

The accompanying sound-documents will be played, when a marker on the map is clicked. Like “let me hear Wenker-sentence 23″.

Any time soon, public mills grind slowly, this database will be published on the net. Today it’s just a button-click away to open the map in a browser.

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