MaPagenda is a 4D component for MacOS and Windows developed to run as of 4D 15R5, both 32-and 64-bit. The component is provided in compiled version* with a full API.
The 4D MaPagenda component is accompanied by a demonstration database that shows the details of each feature.

The MaPagenda interface

  • An interface entirely in a subform of the host database
  • Multilingual: english, french, german
  • The representation of appointments on a map (Leaflet + OpenstreetMap)
  • A listbox of appointments including the distance between two appointments and the duration of travel
  • A subtotals-list for the combination of kilometers and durations
  • Google Map for calculating coordinates and distances
  • Displaceable and colored markers according to a state delievered
  • An interface for preferences
  • Entering the Google Maps API key
  • Allow interactive map

Your host 4D application passes a selection of appointments to the component; the component displays them on the map and in a listbox and calculates the time and distance between each appointment. These time and mileage accumulations can be reintegrated into your business applications.

* if you want to take care of the component yourself, source-code is an option.